Show buzzed yikes!…wait Really?

Ever have one of those days on the show floor when you know something is different…

Visiting a show as a guest I was meeting with the show organizers to get a feel for the layout and logistics of the event. Arriving early and heading toward the keynote venue, I noticed there was a definite buzz on the show floor but it sounded like a microphone had gone bad, you know that screech that sends everyone’s hands up to their ears.

As I headed toward the noise, I noticed something odd, the microphone
was attached to a person and it was lying on the stage!  My instincts sent me running, as I approached the individual, there was a definite odor of “under–the-influence”, and the noise had an additional sound to it, snoring! I pulled the microphone out of the hand and called the show organizer to let them know they had more than a broken microphone issue! I didn’t even turn the person over, I didn’t want to know!

Kudos to show management for the swift and discrete way they handled the situation! I also received the VIP treatment at the event for keeping things under wraps which I greatly appreciated. There are still gypsy secrets that shall remain that way!

Share your wild and unbelievable show stories…I know there are tons, we share them at every show!


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