Show Gypsies are Olympic Triathletes! …wait …Really?

Gypsy Muscle - I did look for a medal...honest!

First rule of the charter…write everything down a few different places! As tradeshowgypsies we are expected to be Olympic qualified triathletes – multi-tasking, organized, with attention to detail of course! You also really do have to lift, push, shove, run, and operate a tape gun! If you are woman it is in heels! :))

So my gypsies, my method to the madness was to write everything down on paper, on-line (iPad/Mobile Device), and on a white board. The white-board worked the best because it was large and the visual would help keep the show calendar in my head. This is also useful for your boss who is wondering, where is that gypsy now? You can also add equipment if you are managing several shows at the same time or have back-to-back shipments that may require extra attention; or any other information that would be helpful to you.  My board also had a space to check off showing that I had completed my show orders.

Having a show spreadsheet that includes everything: name of show, market segment, booth cost, type of booth sent, new graphics yes or no, estimated shipping costs, ancillary services and costs, budgeted amount, show staff attending, products, demos, and if there are additional costs for VIPs (meeting rooms etc.) that may have been added and the date they were added so that you can verify additional costs for the event.

At the end of the event add in the number of leads, pictures, and/or write-ups from press. All of this is extremely useful when managing your reports and requests for specific information on lead generation/business development/cost-analysis/justification. This report also can give you an idea for shows that are done annually for planning (early remember)!. Once you get a template set-up it is not near as bad as it might seem to populate. Of course you have to be a detail oriented, organized, multi-tasking Gypsy Olympian!

With changes in staff or double-booked shows the above information is critical for the person that is physically managing the show and for the individual that may be covering the show for you if you are double-booked!

Wait…Where is that muscle guy when you need him?

One word of WARNING! Gypsies BEWARE! Having notes where your peers can determine how long you will be gone can be dangerous! Not only are you subject to pranks in your office/cube; but you may not have one when you get back! That did happen to me, our team moved offices while I was gone and when I came back a good-hearted soul had moved all of my stuff into another office! I was gone for about 6 weeks in a row and I was evicted by a famous Graphic Design Director (you know who you are! 😉 He was trying to sublet my cube!  He also changed my name tag title on my cube to read Trade Show Goddess after exceeding a certain number of shows per year. Of course our new CEO at the time wanted to know how she could get a title like that…errrr well?

So beware of those “creative-types” they will lease out your space when you are gone too long if they have access to your calendar and promote you! FYI – He is the Best creative designer I know! Let me know if you need one…I might just give his name out…for a few gold coins across the palm…specifically today…gold only!!! 🙂


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