The Gypsy DIET!…wait When?

Dessert and Wine and Bread! OH MY!

The answer to that is now! The Gypsy diet while traveling from camp to camp basically sucks! No other word fits.  Eating habits go completely out-of-control when traveling. My particular diet goes into extremes; either not eating all day because I am so busy while living on Starbucks or conference coffee! YIKES!
The other diet extreme for me is eating every meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings or networking events are deadly. In either case, not good, it can throw your entire being into a crash! GYPSY DOWN!

Having at least an inkling of a game plan will help immensely. I would like to say that I have been adhering to this for years and the plan is completely fail-proof! Alas, not! I fluctuate and sometimes do really well, but other times lack of planning leads to either weight gain or weight loss in the wrong way which always comes back with a vengeance when I get home. Causing at least a weeks’ worth of corrective actions~AYE! (yes I worked for the government at one time).

Eating late after the show floor closes; and having large over indulgent meals with your colleagues or customers, can disrupt your sleep and really take your health and resistance down. Having show-floor food from a variety of $15-20 dollar pizza, hot dogs, mystery meat sandwich or even the questionable, how old is this lettuce salad; can also put you in a bad way immediately or later. Add in those, great smelling  show cookies, smoothies, popcorn and late night dinners with a few glasses of alcohol; 5 lbs later eerrrr…suit a little tight?  Bloated and feeling like the forklift hit you the next few days makes for one grouchy gypsy.

You are experiencing, “self-inflicted abuse”, with no sympathy from anyone! NOTE: This is not at all events, there are many events that have great food, in fact really great food, which you have to manage quantity because for some reason you get really hungry at shows, and they have salad to dessert! All that business being conducted I guess ups the appetite! 😉

When I do plan, I break out the go-away powder, cast it all around me to get rid of all bad eating habits that might come across my traveling path!  With the spell cast I begin when I get into the airport! I buy a bottle of water – and 2 bags of almonds. (Yes, you can bring them from home, an empty water bottle that can be filled once you pass security and pack a ziplock of almonds/nuts). I do not, I buy my water and nuts thus kicking off my official work trip; skip the soda and peanuts/pretzels on the plane. If I have to buy lunch depending on my destination, I do like to pack my own sandwich and apple slices avoiding junk food or $12 sandwich and chips or something that will alienate my seat-mates on the plane. (Pesto sandwich or garlic/onion-based anything!)

Once I get to the hotel, often, much later than scheduled, I do skip that meal, pound down the water and if hunger pangs hit me I eat a few nuts. Next morning, I have coffee as that is my normal habit, I do not eat breakfast early, I eat about 10:00 – 11:00 and try to get some protein, egg omelet type meal. I also buy a piece of fruit to have on hand for later in the day (skipping the heavy-duty junk/or great food), I try to keep to my normal schedule. I eat dinner before 7:00 and make sure to add as many veggies as possible and try to avoid red meats, sticking to fish and chicken. Now the biggy…the glass of wine or dessert! I love a glass of wine with my meal usually once maybe twice a week; but not every night, for me this will pack on the weight and sluggish feeling like nothing else! Too much alcohol indulgence (for me one glass is more than enough) it also will take down my guard; “oh, just a little piece of dessert”, or into what I call “tweet” mode; not as coherent as I need to be for the next day. Note your co-workers morning after mood and you can tell what the night before might have held for dinner, it can really take its toll.

On my good behavior shows, I plan what dinner meeting or night I will indulge and make my choice carefully, a glass of wine, bread, or dessert not all three and in many cases just one. Painful, I know when all are so readily available and you are at a great restaurant or dinner event!

Managing those meal meetings?  Try to avoid meal times for meetings, but if you cannot schedule accordingly, keep it to one a day. Still not working because of the short timeframe you are trying to meet several people? Ok, meetings at all 3 meals for 3 days – stick to your normal eating habits, if you don’t eat breakfast, don’t eat – drink your coffee and keep talking or listening; take a writing notebook to keep your hands busy and document your meeting. I find it is less annoying than a laptop/tablet/netbook sitting in the middle of the table. Lunch and dinner eat as close to normal as possible even if it means stripping off half of your would be pizza. When your normal eating timeline has passed and you still have a late dinner meeting; eat a piece of fruit and some nuts on schedule; you will not be as hungry and can order light and nurse that one glass of wine with a side glass of water and avoid the Tweet!

These little things do make a big difference for me. Everyone is different, but if you can stay as close to your normal eating habits as you can that can at least help to keep you healthy and of course that svelte gypsy figure.

FYI – GYPSY Workout coming soon – now that one will be funny! 🙂

I hope this post will garner some really great ideas we can all share.


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