Gypsy contract or payment missing?…wait What?

Yikes…it’s HOT!

Getting to a show where no one actually signed the contract or has paid the bill feels like you have been plunged into a really hot place we have all heard of, and don’t want to go! Trying to keep it G rated here! But, you know that gut feeling like, I am going to die standing right here on a show floor or go to the hot place for murdering someone!

Either way you are not allowed on the show floor. Costly? Absolutely! A disaster? Feels like it at the time but not always! This also by the way usually happens on the weekend when you find out the situation and of course you can reach NO ONE!

Word to the wise gypsies you are; get to know your show organizers by name, know who you will be working with on the show floor. Also, get to know your sales agent for the show, they can be your best allies when something goes bad, like a non-paid booth or a non-existent contract. Try always to make sure your show-setup staff or you as the head Gypsy in charge has a copy of everything with you and that things are completed. This effort will also avoid that frantic call from sales staff doing setup or worse no call until after the show is over and your boss calls you into the office for a less than rewarding discussion.

Granted your booth placement may suffer, but at least all your shipping costs/sales staff travel, etc. etc. etc., will not be wasted. The show related individuals will be on the show floor 24/7 during a show and you can work with them to get things going.

Putting $25K or more on your corporate card may be a reason to have your head put in the pillory but, having all the costs associated with a show you are not allowed to participate in after spending a fortune in brand related marketing, travel, and shipping etc. is worse and can result in a stay in the dungeon for sure!

Trust me when some shows say they have sold out and are full, they mean it! The shows have to deal with very strict fire regulations and booth placements and if they are full and you did not reserve your space in writing with payment beforehand you have to work with the organizers to see if there is a cancellation ready list should someone not be able to make it; or a partner you can combine efforts with and solve the financial aspects later but expect to pay full price for your booth not half the organizers are doing you a favor by letting you on the floor as is your partner; that is between you and your working partner to settle up.

Gypsies, make sure you are all set early on with the financial aspects of your commitment to a show, especially if someone else is the signature authority and the financial part is handled elsewhere. Having so many hands involved can make your gypsy life a pure hell (there I said it); so make sure to follow-up so you can rest easy and deal with the other fun that is going on with your event.

Shows are costly, no argument there, but if they are done right, they can pay off 10-fold in short and long-term revenue for the company.


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  1. tradeshowgypsy
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 20:20:20

    Don’t you just love when your edit program corrects a typo with a word you read right over in the proof and hit post! Allies not Alias … aka tradeshowgypsy on a Monday of multi-tasking madness!


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