Watch out for those flying fork lifts and wheeled show cases! This is high-fall-show-event season! Yes, there is never a dull moment with whizzing of wheels rolling and beep-beep-beep of various vehicles dashing around the show floor!

For gosh sakes be careful during set-up/tear down – Look down and ahead when walking as there are cords that have not yet been covered, carpet that has not been tacked down and trash with those slippery plastic backings all over the floor.  This is no time to be texting and running! I know you are looking for that precious shipment of irreplaceable cargo (show graphics); but take a deep breath, well maybe not too deep, there are those intoxicating fumes from those various machines in the show hall…or maybe just toxic fumes…not sure, but fumes none the less.

As booths go up, they come down so be aware if you are standing under someone hanging a header from the ceiling or in-between ladders and those standing – leaning booth walls – yeah they move they are not put together yet.

Also, try not to come all dolled up to the show floor – very distracting everyone is thrashed and working and not only do you make us all look bad, seeing anyone that looks really nice in that area is like a peacock in the middle of the dump – very distracting! Besides you wouldn’t want to ruin those nice shoes with the gooey sticky messes left after lunch or break on the show floor…would you?

Ok gypsies, pack your first-aid kits too – everything – tweezers – Neosporin – Advil – aspirin, Band-aides all sizes, and if you can an ace bandage just in case a foot, wrist, or hand goes bad but not so bad that you need a Dr. The exhibit hall always has a medical facility of some kind; as does the show decorator.

Plus you have your fellow gypsies to always watch over you! Take care out there gypsies – nothing like starting a show in a cast or head bandage!


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