The week before…When?

End of The Year Details

This week – get organized on Monday figure out what really needs to get done and don’t get looped into tasks that are not yours.  Set priorities and if something else comes in get clear direction as to what takes precedence for your time.

You are taking inventory of equipment that needs to be replaced or fixed, getting graphics in for printing that need to be done for the beginning of January, figure out product schedules for things that need to be ready to go out before/as soon as the new year hits. Set shipping up for those first few weeks of shows in January which most likely need to go out by the end of this week or mid-next week to get the best pricing.

Tuesday and Wednesday take care of as many meetings or calls that you can get through while working on the Monday list of priorities. Thursday, spend that day giving/getting approval to anything you have that has to be done by the end of the year.

Friday – yes it is here already, just that quick, finish up on the decisions, clear your desk – get that office space in order to come back to a fresh start new year.  If you have opportunity to make that must-do/follow-up list for your first day back try to get it done or going before you leave.  (Things like flight reservations that are 1 -2 months out to get the best pricing/early-bird rates/follow-up on new product release status to coincide with marketing campaigns).  If you have time off – please try to make sure you don’t leave things that could possibly draw you back into the office, for just a couple of hours that turn into 10!

If you are working during the two weeks that are considered – “Holidays” – you can spread out your cleaning and to do lists – but get those end-of-year decisions in order before everyone leaves; that will take an immense weight off of everyone involved to get things ready to go without any “maybe’s” or should have’s causing any undue stress to anyone.  Take this time to get your office and planning organized and figure out what worked and what can use improvement. For me this is my accountability time – I am not a fan of accounting but I go back and make sure everything was done and done correctly; this also helps me establish personal goals and objectives for the next year and to break up my least favorite task I add in researching fun ideas for the next year.

I am a fan of cutting out or printing pictures of ideas and attaching them to folders of projects that may go all the way through the year so that I have fresh ideas for each event.  I also put a folder together called “A Wing and a Prayer” for those ideas that may be a bit far-fetched at the moment but could possibly be made into something that applies in the future. I only keep no more than 20 – otherwise I would be known as an idea addict! I can keep tons saved electronically, but I don’t look at them as often so I don’t keep too many there either.  Although, my printed pieces are also reminders of electronic folders that I may have stored in order of (themes – different industries – venues – etc. etc.) I keep only those that really held my interest.

All I can say is hold on to your hats the winds of change are coming for next year as technology does not stop or slow down for anyone and trade shows are taking on an exceptional way to show this technology and get innovators together to collaborate and compete in everything from the latest Smart Phone App to the smallest processor that can fly the plane or pop the toaster! I look forward to seeing what everyone has been working on, and meeting the innovators in 2012!

Gypsies – Now that we are back from the 2011 trek and at the long-term camp for a few weeks – clean that wagon up, groom that pony, and make sure there are enough provisions left for the rest of the year and enough gold set aside for the next year.  OOOH and make sure those dancing shoes are shined and ready to go – as soon as the work is done, a good nap and pedicure/manicure is done; this gypsy is going out for some dancing fun!


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