New Year New YOU! ….wait Who?

2012 Makeover

Yes I have decided the gypsy needs a makeover… you know, new workout routine, wardrobe, and hair doo. Ok, maybe just a few changes to freshen the old cart, and the gypsy up a bit! This is going to be an interesting year for businesses.  An election year seems to spark the competitive nature of business and also gives people who push to be innovative and go out on their own.  Just a personal observation. So first – make sure your suitcase is in good shape and if not get a new good one that you like, you have to be happy with the functionality of it, and the look, it really does make a difference when you see it coming around that turnstile.

I attended CES this year (Computer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, NV; I decided maybe it is time to rethink the show plan.  The crowd was a mix of ages which we all know makes a huge difference in accommodating business and human capital requirements.  As I was fighting for my personal space to hear a variety of presentations I noticed the aggressive nature of the crowd and the real enthusiasm to learn and know more about all the new products and services.  Trust me I am a little gypsy but I am mean when it comes to holding my ground and not getting shoved aside, I bite!  Or at least shove back!

So gypsies it is a New Year, make note to watch the shifting of the wave of business to become more active. Good news really, but make sure you know your stuff because you have a much more educated and inquisitive group out there; and to my personal appreciation, the playing field is equal when it comes to the knowledge base of the attendees, all ages, genders, ethnicities etc. etc., everyone wants to learn more, and do more!

Workout – yes my gypsies it is workout time, make sure you are in good trade show shape! Get those legs strong, break out the pedometer and make sure you are up to those 10,000 steps a day because you are going to have many shows to choose from and many airports, show floors, hotels, company campuses to make your way through this year.  Also make sure you throw in some arm exercises in there, holding that lightweight tablet, smart phone, laptop – yeah light weight alright but hold your arms in that same position for about 6 hours at a minimum and you will know what I am talking about!  Take a little yoga too, not only will you need the patience for the taxi lines; shuttle busses, and lunch line, but you will need a little flexibility to maneuver your way through the crowds. Lastly, get those abs tightened up to support your back, because standing on that concrete with a rag on it will take its toll.

Food and Water – I met someone at CES that broke out a lunch sack – smart! You betcha! He had asked his hotel restaurant for a sandwich – fruit – water – he had brought from home an insulated lunch sack and had them fill it because he didn’t have a refrigerator in his room; otherwise he said he goes grocery shopping before each show when he comes in from the airport.  That is one smart gypsy – you eat better, don’t spend as much, avoid the lines and can eat whenever you have time or spot a seat!  Worth carrying the backpack in my opinion, take a few less promo/pitch items in the morning come back in the afternoon if you must have them and eat well!  DRINK WATER – LOTS – there is nothing like a show floor and all that talking to dehydrate a person – coffee is not enough to sustain a body, you will get those 3:00 drags and feel wiped out by the end of the show if you don’t drink enough water. Take a few vitamins too – you know there is fungus among us, get that hand sanitizer out!

Lastly – Sleep – Yeah, I know that is just a dream! So many things to do in such a short amount of time, and be social to the wee hours – shows are notorious for having those 6 to 2 hours.  Get moving and ready to be on the bus, taxi, breakfast meeting by  7 and the ball is rolling all the way to the dinner that ends at 10 and your colleagues, customers, or friends you haven’t seen since last year say “let’s go out” everyone is still on the adrenaline rush from the show and can’t stop talking! You go and there you are at 1:00am looking through glassy eyes at your email and as you collapse in bed the voices keep going or you are still online in your head.  Off goes the alarm at 5:30 so you have time to answer anything that came in from the coast and fluff! OMG – where is that magic dust! (Eye drops – that get the red out, roller thing that de-puffs those under eye bags, yipes; and the erase the night before concealer to cover the dark circles and that is just the eyes! Sometimes there are not enough products on the planet to cover a 4 day show! So pace yourself – get some sleep!

As for clothing – pick your favorite logo wear or business attire and a couple of great sensible trade show shoes! That is the most important part of a gypsy outfit! Having ill-fitting shoes on a show floor is the kiss of death for your show.  Take a few different pair to change out each day it really makes a difference as your feet will swell and keeping your feet in the same position in your shoe will hurt!  Do some of those 10,000 steps in the shoes you are breaking in for your show BEFORE the show to make sure you can still walk at the end of the day.  Take a few padded Band-Aids just in case a pinky toe or heel gets aggravated.

Ok my gypsies a long post to kick off the year right even though many of us have a few shows under our hip scarfs already!  Looking forward to an outstanding 2012 show year!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mike Thimmesch
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 09:57:29

    As a trade show professional we sometimes find ourselves on the other side of the aisle, walking a show just as you describe. When that happens, you actually learn more about being a good exhibitor and a good host.

    Thanks for the view!


  2. tradeshowgypsy
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 20:02:25

    Yes Mike, just know we are all on the same playing field when it comes to aching feet and wanting to help make shows an excellent business decision for everyone involved! Thanks for the comment.


  3. Anya Mihailova (@AnyaMihailova)
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 07:08:37


    I enjoyed your posts on

    I’d like to do a quick feature about you on our popular blog:

    If you send me a couple quick bullet points about what you do and what
    you want people and potential customers to know about you, I’ll do the
    feature post.

    And I’d love if you gave us back a quick 1 paragraph blurb in your
    blog linking to

    There’s a lot of room at the top… and we can both get there if we collaborate!



    • tradeshowgypsy
      Apr 26, 2012 @ 14:04:41

      Hello Anya,

      Sure thank you for reaching out, I would be happy to collaborate and add a post to my blog, send it on an I will get it posted.

      I am a professional sales and marketing contractor that loves the interactions that shows bring; and I have made a positive impact for organizations both financially, through branding, and magic of course. Often shows are trial by fire, (hopefully not literally) knowing the tricks of the trade can be a huge cost savings. I have done shows for over 15 years internationally in one capacity or another (sales/marketing/business development) and have had a wide variety of experiences that I feel would benefit other individuals in the trade show/event industry or be valuable to someone who has been assigned into the trade show/event role for any organization with little or no training. There are some pitfalls and some just plain funny happenings out there, and YOU are not ALONE! I welcome all gypsies out there to join me at

      Warmest Regards
      Kat Pate


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