Tradeshow Gypsy on the MOVE…wait… Where?


Yes, I have been missing in action without a minute to even catch up my tradeshow gypsy blog! Good grief, what is a gypsy to do when the encampment decides to move states and sell their wagon lock stock and barrel in 2 weeks.  Well, panic that is it…no wagon to go to and packing everything up in a variety of boxes, suitcases,  loading up the Budget truck in a few days and moving into a condo while a NEW WAGON is BEING BUILT!

Meanwhile, there is that little thing called work going on as well. The spring show season is on, and although active kind of quiet on the reviews.  The year started out on such a high with CES going full speed ahead and kicking off the year in high gear.  Planning for the fall season, the activity in inquiries is very exciting.  My guess is that spring is going strong and business is going well but everyone is too busy to do show reviews!

Making your show dollars count and taking time to review is important as a whole and will be a win-win for All!  Your show organizer will improve their shows based on your feedback, and for your partners/customers that can give them information they need to participate in the future and give them an idea of what your business is doing and what is new if they missed the show. So take a few minutes to post on Social Media sites or show website.

Well back to the major move for this gypsy! I am looking forward to the adventure and the new wagon!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elene
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 22:44:58

    I guess we couldn’t keep you here forever. Best wishes for the new wagon and plenty of gold and magical items to fill it!


  2. tradeshowgypsy
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 17:57:28

    Thanks Elene I will miss everyone but will be back often…your wishes for me are awesome thank you and have fun dancing!!


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