Changing horses…Wait…why?

Friesian Beauties – (Owner-Kimberly Wright)

There is a commonality that has taken place with organizations and industries and staffing. There seems to be a constant change of staff from the top to the bottom. The whole thing is interesting in that most of the time the staff that they change out usually work for competitors or are industry technologists that have worked for a number of companies that know the industry.  This makes for not only interesting talk on any show floor and a flood of new show shirts; but also gives the indication that if it has not happened to you, you are one of the few, and almost a question of,  why not?

Why are layoffs contagious, are they needed or just wanted? This is just a gypsy observation, in that often changing horses can make a difference on the way the wagon rides, but ultimately it is still the driver that should be in control.  Not that drivers are not changed out too, and that can add additional challenges to the riders in the back trying to keep the cart intact. What happens to the horses when they get bought or traded? Are they fed better and treated better in the other camp and so they are easier to work with and perform better or are they the exact same no matter where they go? So as ponies go, how many times have they been in the auction pen? Sometimes a new horse is needed if the load is heavier but often it is a new driver wants new horses for show. Sometimes those ponies look great but turn your back and they will bite, kick or demolish the cart!

The chosen few whether in work staff or horses, do they make a difference in marketing and branding for a company.  These days I would say yes, as we are such a media-centric society it really has become a popularity contest for companies as well, to say that so and so has been hired away from so and so company makes international news. Is it their accomplishments or their marketing?Well, from on gypsy to another, I am in the driver’s seat, horse, and cart rider only because I am a contract employee with my own small business (for now – you never know what the cards will have in store); but should I ever end up back in the auction pen the horse side or back in the cart; you can bet that I will have my mane done and hoofs manicured and will know all the other horses and drivers; or a major package of industrial strength Velcro to hold things down, I am always prepared!

FYI – the beautiful gypsy horses of choice would be my dear friend – Kimberly Wright’s  Friesian’s

Wait…When? Dog Days of Summer- Get Ready for Fall Shows NOW!

Catch! There is a show out there!

Yes, this summer has been quite hectic for this gypsy with my physical move to the land of the lizards, but I do love it out here. The mayhem of the move is over and this gypsy is ready to gear up for the fall show season. Right now this very second, if you have not filled in all of your show kits…get on it! Don’t miss those early-bird rates! For some of the early fall shows those dates have expired and you will be paying more, but get in there and get that part done!Registrations are the same way for staff that is “thinking” about attending this or that show, get your justification in and make sure to include the fact that if you sign up at the early bird rates you will be saving $$.

Hotel rates for shows, get the show hotels and save the rental car!  The way shows are going now, organizers are being held to the penny with hotel room allocations.  With the squeeze going down the line, the organizers are limiting their room commitments, so don’t miss out on a great rate and the convenience of being co-located or close to the show.  Nothing like a great hotel and great rate that sometimes extends a few days prior or after the show should you have more business or want to add in some R&R time.  (My favorite hotel in the world is the W in San Francisco).

Working with engineering and product planning teams should be going on as well to find out what level of campaign will be taking place in the fall. Find out if there are other opportunities at the events that offer speaking opportunities or involvement of internal PR groups. Start sending out tidbits and help to generate show BUZZ. Nothing like engaged exhibit companies to create a buzz for a show; that is what makes a show successful and generates attendee participation.

Social media is a great platform, but people still have to READ and SEE your post, so nothing works like a personal viral type of promotion with personal recommendations or invitations.  So get the word out there, tell people where you will be and if you are going to have something special to show them or talk to them about to peak their interest.

It is not quite time to break out the sweaters (here I sit in 108 degree weather)…especially with the heat wave all over the map…but maybe a few new “trade show shirts” should be added to the budget and ordered for the staff for fall! Inventory your giveaway products and maybe check out those graphics and booths to make sure nothing has been smashed or is missing.  Also a check to make sure products are still applicable to your shows on your signage is always a good idea.

Gypsies, on a side note;  All I can say is … I really do not like election years, it throws people into a tizzy over the various “issues” and the show industry gets over-taken by budget cuts in anticipation of the election or worse the “wait and see’s” that will kill a show because organizers cannot wait to book, and the 11th hour sign-ups might have missed the boat and sunk the ship in the process.  So, get your bats out (or maybe the dog in the post) and fight for your budget, products, business and MARKETING, the low numbers at the end of the year will not help anyone, no matter how the election goes, so let’s get ready to rumble!

Wait…who? Strategic gypsy!

Keep an eye on the ball…or budget?

Getting strategic in a creative gypsy way. Yes it is time to reevaluate the numbers and get ready gypsies; we are ALWAYS the targets for budget cuts. This happens mid-year just as you think you have your “annual” budgets and plans set. Management teams are called in for that dreaded mid-year review to determine what is working and what has fallen behind or off the roadmap!

Ok, gypsies here is where you come in, before the meeting happens, time to gather the clan of sales, product development teams, and have a detailed list of the shows and events you have scheduled for the rest of the year. Your strategic bones cast show this happens every year just like Christmas. Be prepared ahead of time and save yourself some angst. Find out what products/services are still on time and those projects that might be lagging; figure out how your marketing campaigns are doing on the timeline. Get input from your sales team and find out how the markets they are selling into are doing and if they feel the shows that are left for the end of the year are still viable and the reasons why.

Having a report ready defining your shows and allocations are important when it comes to defending your budget and having a contribution to the budget reduction (you know that is also coming will need to have some kind of offer of budget sacrifice, savings, or proof of financial benefit).  You need your champions to strategically go to battle with you. Having backup contributions from team members gives you that strategic edge to be ready to work with management so that you don’t lose money or have product marketing and sales ready to hunt you down.

Stressing the importance of evaluating the shows correctly is critical to doing the organization justice. Educating them in the fact that shows are so much more than “number” of leads.  Often management teams will see shows and think “cut, cut, cut” and when sales goes out to the customer the first thing they hear is; oh are you still in business? We heard you cut this product line? Sorry we went with your competitor they are stronger in the industry and we talked to them at XYZ show, they thought you were out of the industry too?  Humm, imagine that, your competitor using this to their advantage.

Not that all shows are a must exhibit/sponsor, but talk to your sales/product development teams they may be speaking or considered a leader or expert in the industry and if your company isn’t supporting them or backing them with a booth on the show floor, it can appear they are the only person that is working on the project or feels the importance and any other marketing may fall flat.

Keep a keen eye gypsies, mid-year review is here, time to pull out the shell game, and make sure you have something to put under them, there is no way you will be taken this year, you are ready!

Tradeshow Gypsy on the MOVE…wait… Where?


Yes, I have been missing in action without a minute to even catch up my tradeshow gypsy blog! Good grief, what is a gypsy to do when the encampment decides to move states and sell their wagon lock stock and barrel in 2 weeks.  Well, panic that is it…no wagon to go to and packing everything up in a variety of boxes, suitcases,  loading up the Budget truck in a few days and moving into a condo while a NEW WAGON is BEING BUILT!

Meanwhile, there is that little thing called work going on as well. The spring show season is on, and although active kind of quiet on the reviews.  The year started out on such a high with CES going full speed ahead and kicking off the year in high gear.  Planning for the fall season, the activity in inquiries is very exciting.  My guess is that spring is going strong and business is going well but everyone is too busy to do show reviews!

Making your show dollars count and taking time to review is important as a whole and will be a win-win for All!  Your show organizer will improve their shows based on your feedback, and for your partners/customers that can give them information they need to participate in the future and give them an idea of what your business is doing and what is new if they missed the show. So take a few minutes to post on Social Media sites or show website.

Well back to the major move for this gypsy! I am looking forward to the adventure and the new wagon!

New Year New YOU! ….wait Who?

2012 Makeover

Yes I have decided the gypsy needs a makeover… you know, new workout routine, wardrobe, and hair doo. Ok, maybe just a few changes to freshen the old cart, and the gypsy up a bit! This is going to be an interesting year for businesses.  An election year seems to spark the competitive nature of business and also gives people who push to be innovative and go out on their own.  Just a personal observation. So first – make sure your suitcase is in good shape and if not get a new good one that you like, you have to be happy with the functionality of it, and the look, it really does make a difference when you see it coming around that turnstile.

I attended CES this year (Computer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, NV; I decided maybe it is time to rethink the show plan.  The crowd was a mix of ages which we all know makes a huge difference in accommodating business and human capital requirements.  As I was fighting for my personal space to hear a variety of presentations I noticed the aggressive nature of the crowd and the real enthusiasm to learn and know more about all the new products and services.  Trust me I am a little gypsy but I am mean when it comes to holding my ground and not getting shoved aside, I bite!  Or at least shove back!

So gypsies it is a New Year, make note to watch the shifting of the wave of business to become more active. Good news really, but make sure you know your stuff because you have a much more educated and inquisitive group out there; and to my personal appreciation, the playing field is equal when it comes to the knowledge base of the attendees, all ages, genders, ethnicities etc. etc., everyone wants to learn more, and do more!

Workout – yes my gypsies it is workout time, make sure you are in good trade show shape! Get those legs strong, break out the pedometer and make sure you are up to those 10,000 steps a day because you are going to have many shows to choose from and many airports, show floors, hotels, company campuses to make your way through this year.  Also make sure you throw in some arm exercises in there, holding that lightweight tablet, smart phone, laptop – yeah light weight alright but hold your arms in that same position for about 6 hours at a minimum and you will know what I am talking about!  Take a little yoga too, not only will you need the patience for the taxi lines; shuttle busses, and lunch line, but you will need a little flexibility to maneuver your way through the crowds. Lastly, get those abs tightened up to support your back, because standing on that concrete with a rag on it will take its toll.

Food and Water – I met someone at CES that broke out a lunch sack – smart! You betcha! He had asked his hotel restaurant for a sandwich – fruit – water – he had brought from home an insulated lunch sack and had them fill it because he didn’t have a refrigerator in his room; otherwise he said he goes grocery shopping before each show when he comes in from the airport.  That is one smart gypsy – you eat better, don’t spend as much, avoid the lines and can eat whenever you have time or spot a seat!  Worth carrying the backpack in my opinion, take a few less promo/pitch items in the morning come back in the afternoon if you must have them and eat well!  DRINK WATER – LOTS – there is nothing like a show floor and all that talking to dehydrate a person – coffee is not enough to sustain a body, you will get those 3:00 drags and feel wiped out by the end of the show if you don’t drink enough water. Take a few vitamins too – you know there is fungus among us, get that hand sanitizer out!

Lastly – Sleep – Yeah, I know that is just a dream! So many things to do in such a short amount of time, and be social to the wee hours – shows are notorious for having those 6 to 2 hours.  Get moving and ready to be on the bus, taxi, breakfast meeting by  7 and the ball is rolling all the way to the dinner that ends at 10 and your colleagues, customers, or friends you haven’t seen since last year say “let’s go out” everyone is still on the adrenaline rush from the show and can’t stop talking! You go and there you are at 1:00am looking through glassy eyes at your email and as you collapse in bed the voices keep going or you are still online in your head.  Off goes the alarm at 5:30 so you have time to answer anything that came in from the coast and fluff! OMG – where is that magic dust! (Eye drops – that get the red out, roller thing that de-puffs those under eye bags, yipes; and the erase the night before concealer to cover the dark circles and that is just the eyes! Sometimes there are not enough products on the planet to cover a 4 day show! So pace yourself – get some sleep!

As for clothing – pick your favorite logo wear or business attire and a couple of great sensible trade show shoes! That is the most important part of a gypsy outfit! Having ill-fitting shoes on a show floor is the kiss of death for your show.  Take a few different pair to change out each day it really makes a difference as your feet will swell and keeping your feet in the same position in your shoe will hurt!  Do some of those 10,000 steps in the shoes you are breaking in for your show BEFORE the show to make sure you can still walk at the end of the day.  Take a few padded Band-Aids just in case a pinky toe or heel gets aggravated.

Ok my gypsies a long post to kick off the year right even though many of us have a few shows under our hip scarfs already!  Looking forward to an outstanding 2012 show year!

Twas the week before…wait WHAT?

Twas what?

Twas the Week before Christmas – a  BAD but almost funny – Trade Show Gypsy Poem

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through warehouse
all the creatures were stirring, especially the mouse.
The crate locks were missing the bungee cords hanging with care,
In hopes that St Fixit soon would be there.

The sales staff were nestled all snug in their cubes, While visions of bonuses danced in their heads.  (You know these folks are dreaming/drinking!)

And Assistant in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just rattled our brains for a long winter’s inventory.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the step ladder to see what was the matter.
Away to receiving  I flew like a flash,
Tore open the garage door and threw up the latch.

The moon on the “ruts” of the new-fallen snow
Gave the view of the ruined objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a huge honkin semi, and eight broken crates there.
(Ok maybe a stretch on that one)

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St Driveit. (Fixit is AWAL!)
More rapid than eagles his curses they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them documented names!

Now Demolished! now, Smashed! now, Pounded and Fractured!
On, Clobbered! On, Splintered! on, on Defective and Disaster!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now trash away! Trash away! Trash away all!”

(Ok, so I skipped a few verses!)

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!
 (Writing myself up right now!)
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
He gave me that look to know I had a lot to dread.(Writing him up right now!)

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the dumpsters, then turned with a jerk.
And laying his finger aside of his nose, (WE WON’T GO THERE)
And giving a nod, back in the semi he rose!

He sprang to his seat, to his radio gave a whistle,
And away he drove like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

 or maybe it was

Happy Christmas to Me and to you “a good luck with that Gypsy!!!



The week before…When?

End of The Year Details

This week – get organized on Monday figure out what really needs to get done and don’t get looped into tasks that are not yours.  Set priorities and if something else comes in get clear direction as to what takes precedence for your time.

You are taking inventory of equipment that needs to be replaced or fixed, getting graphics in for printing that need to be done for the beginning of January, figure out product schedules for things that need to be ready to go out before/as soon as the new year hits. Set shipping up for those first few weeks of shows in January which most likely need to go out by the end of this week or mid-next week to get the best pricing.

Tuesday and Wednesday take care of as many meetings or calls that you can get through while working on the Monday list of priorities. Thursday, spend that day giving/getting approval to anything you have that has to be done by the end of the year.

Friday – yes it is here already, just that quick, finish up on the decisions, clear your desk – get that office space in order to come back to a fresh start new year.  If you have opportunity to make that must-do/follow-up list for your first day back try to get it done or going before you leave.  (Things like flight reservations that are 1 -2 months out to get the best pricing/early-bird rates/follow-up on new product release status to coincide with marketing campaigns).  If you have time off – please try to make sure you don’t leave things that could possibly draw you back into the office, for just a couple of hours that turn into 10!

If you are working during the two weeks that are considered – “Holidays” – you can spread out your cleaning and to do lists – but get those end-of-year decisions in order before everyone leaves; that will take an immense weight off of everyone involved to get things ready to go without any “maybe’s” or should have’s causing any undue stress to anyone.  Take this time to get your office and planning organized and figure out what worked and what can use improvement. For me this is my accountability time – I am not a fan of accounting but I go back and make sure everything was done and done correctly; this also helps me establish personal goals and objectives for the next year and to break up my least favorite task I add in researching fun ideas for the next year.

I am a fan of cutting out or printing pictures of ideas and attaching them to folders of projects that may go all the way through the year so that I have fresh ideas for each event.  I also put a folder together called “A Wing and a Prayer” for those ideas that may be a bit far-fetched at the moment but could possibly be made into something that applies in the future. I only keep no more than 20 – otherwise I would be known as an idea addict! I can keep tons saved electronically, but I don’t look at them as often so I don’t keep too many there either.  Although, my printed pieces are also reminders of electronic folders that I may have stored in order of (themes – different industries – venues – etc. etc.) I keep only those that really held my interest.

All I can say is hold on to your hats the winds of change are coming for next year as technology does not stop or slow down for anyone and trade shows are taking on an exceptional way to show this technology and get innovators together to collaborate and compete in everything from the latest Smart Phone App to the smallest processor that can fly the plane or pop the toaster! I look forward to seeing what everyone has been working on, and meeting the innovators in 2012!

Gypsies – Now that we are back from the 2011 trek and at the long-term camp for a few weeks – clean that wagon up, groom that pony, and make sure there are enough provisions left for the rest of the year and enough gold set aside for the next year.  OOOH and make sure those dancing shoes are shined and ready to go – as soon as the work is done, a good nap and pedicure/manicure is done; this gypsy is going out for some dancing fun!

Winding down or up?…wait…What?


The season for 2011 is getting close to ending for the year. Traveling is now one of the biggest challenges for gypsies and show attendees! The year has been a full one with a variety of results all along the year of shows, conferences, events, training (maybe 1), and internal planning sessions. Gathering the gypsies at this time of year is a tough sell; as everyone has had enough travel, selling and business. Keeping that optimistic attitude and keeping the team focused can be an all-consuming energy drain. You can do it! Make every show count there will be a reward at the end.

Compiling year-end reports, personal year-end performance appraisal materials and the general “where did all this paperwork come from?” With the holidays here  and the realization of having to take vacation as the year is running out…don’t panic gypsy – there is plenty of time, take a deep breath and one day off – completely off – no email, voicemail, shopping, family, no one but you!

Now is the time to use your gypsy spirit and run away – go to a spa for the day (what money you say) – go to your nearest Massage School and get a good rub down on all of those sore body parts for a lessor fee if you are watching your nickels, and head for a museum or quiet hang out place, a library, a boutique hotel lounge.  Yes, as a gypsy there are certain things that are like the shoemaker’s kids that do not have a shoe in sight – return to your second home a hotel but this time enjoy the space and facility.  Invite your significant other to join you at the end of your day and have a nice dinner and spend the night.

Take your day but make sure to get out of your house, otherwise you will get roped into a variety of should do’s, or it will feel like a sick day – get out and do something for yourself – anything that will help you get away from it all – take a drive to a scenic area – a wind down not up day – no skiing or gym to the point of over do…wind down! Change your thought process to, I deserve … get your image of a dry eraser board and eraser, every time work, home, bills, guilt for taking the day, or anything negative; erase that baby right off the board, and enjoy life!

YOU Gypsy have worked very hard all year, battling everything from changes in complete show venue’s due to political issues in certain countries this year; internal cuts or consolidations that have doubled or tripled your schedules and workload – not to mention the daily nemesis of every gypsy – SHIPPING! Makes me shake my head just thinking about it!

So before you have to gear up and get into the planning stage and dig through all of that paperwork that will carry over into your weekends fraught with holiday madness – take a day – you will be much more productive and re-energized to get through the last shows of December and the reporting cycle of budget reconciliation for this year and planning and readjusting (for the 3rd time) your budget for next year.

I can smell the rose petals now!

MIA Marketing….wait…Where?

Marketing $$ where are you?

Yes, gypsies in all the mayhem of traveling from show to show while packing and unpacking, did you remember your marketing? So many times we all get so caught up with the actual logistics and sales leads that the marketing gets left unaccounted for.  How do I know, you say? The crystal ball of course 🙂

Crystal ball used for seeing like a magnifying glass at this point from all the marks on the marketing budget spreadsheet! If your marketing is missing in action better let out the hound, finding all of those pieces, he will be on the hunt for a while!

So, all of those dollars spent on a show divided by however many leads = ROI, right? WRONG – you have to factor in all the marketing that was done pre/post show both on the cost and return. How many touches were done per customer? Did you email blast your group and new product to the moon (it could happen there are many agencies that do work in that industry)! Did you send thank you for attending or see you next time to the new leads and the mass email blast? Was there a press release involved? All of this needs to go into the number of times your company brand came across the desk of a potential/existing customer. Did your sales team have a miraculous discovery of where the initial contact point was made to lead to the sale?

How many ads did you place both in print and online? No way to know how many print hands saw your ad, unless it is catchy enough to have someone actually say, “I saw your ad in… pub”, but we are humans and humans can be a very tangible spices that will remember what they see and touch way before what they hear. The market has thinned in the printed pubs no doubt so people are seeing and touching fewer, that means they are paying more attention to the print even if it is to get to the website for detailed info – touching them twice. So you gather the number of the publication distribution – and say 15% actually hit the hands and eyes of your customer base – that can still be a good number.

Online trackers can help you out with how many times you had hits on the specific pages dedicated to your product release/press release/show code or more detailed reporting if your site is database driven.

All of these numbers can give you an idea on budgeting for next year how many touches per customer do you want to expend those marketing $$ on and where was the biggest focus (product/market) for the prior year? Do you want to stay there? Are things changing on the ole organizational goals and objectives plan? So many questions to consider and if you have some back up internal research to look at that can really make a positive difference as to how the organization makes the decisions for the next year and improve on the return.

Your new and challenging social media sites as well are a new venue that is not easily tracked other than establishing good following group and getting quality followers – not an easy task but necessary! Once again depending on your organization getting the price estimated early on is crucial to assure that all your marketing for shows and campaigns are well accounted for so that decisions can be made with more than just an “I think we should do” plan.  Also, planning ahead can save a fortune!

GOLD COINS –gotta love em!  Doing all of these things in the “slower” months of the holidays  – can pay off extensively throughout the following year.

If the company thinks they can scrimp and cut any of these elements to the marketing program – they will feel the pinch! (OUCH!)  Whether a self-employed gypsy or huge organization – everyone is now having to play in the same mediums in order to reach their customers – there are so many different individual preferences – “Old-Boomer-X-Y Baby Gens” involved in business that there is no one full-proof invest my marketing dollars in this medium and poof marketing done! We are after all a society of options = double-mocha skinny-light-whip – vente coffee please 🙂  What is that? Or you online guru’s how many apps on that iPAD or Smart Phone? Watch out for that Guerrilla – that marketing ape is serious when it comes to creative ways to do marketing, which can go amuck if it gets too creative and appeal to some but can backfire on others!  Guerrilla Marketing – innovative/creative-low-cost marketing in the more with less world!

So shake that crystal ball again gypsies, and take another look, are you missing your marketing?

Gypsy Fun…wait…Where?

Bring it on…let the games begin!

It was in here, I know it was…the fun, who didn’t pack the fun? Now that fall show season is in the throes of getting old and the gypsy Frisian horse can see the barn door (your office and time off the road!) – try to keep focused but light-hearted.

You have had those show’s that everything that could go wrong sends you over the edge; the staff that is cranky from being at several shows and still nursing achy feet; and the boss that is getting the figures on the show actuals with that frightening look and a post-it note that says – “blood pressure pills – bottom drawer!”– Yeah, all of this can put the wet blanket on the last shows for the year. But, you have to step up to the stage gypsy!  Time to break out the tambourine and mandolin and start dancing and smiling!  Those end-of-year leads are critical and the industry shows for planning are still important – you can’t let things fizzle!

Time for the magic powder that works better than a Margarita on Cinco de Mayo – extra potent fun in the booth – granted things can go amuck quickly as everyone is pretty slap happy at this point so just know that you could lose control and may have to do some “we won’t do it again bows” at the end.

EXAMPLE #1: one year we had the sticky head guys as a promo item…”Dart Man” – nice hanging banner sign designating aisles up above our booth had a great graphic — a TARGET!  Needless to say there was a line down the aisle launching the darts at the sign – thank goodness people didn’t notice until the last day of the show and we were not excommunicated from the show! (FYI – DartMan’s sticky top makes a great lint grabber for those table cloths!)

EXAMPLE #2: Defense Show –  Incoming…yup the pop rocket nurf things – pretty soon there was a full-blown “and the rockets red glare” going above the booths – though the glare was just from the amount of rockets that were synchronized to go off by a variety of staff in every booth on the show floor at the reception!! Looked like nurf confetti!

EXAMPLE #3: Booth had stuffed animals the kind that people kill for on the show floor for their kid(s).  The company that brought them was from Asia and they brought a “mascot” outfit of a huge Panda Bear – all good until they put it on and it appeared to be so top-heavy that it made the mascot look tipsy and he was handing out the coveted animals and trying to gather the leads – people were literally chasing him down the aisles and trying to steady him so he could hand them an animal – the greatest thing was he gave up on the hand-held scanner and was having people drop their business card down the pants of the costume in exchange for the animal – you gotta want it is all I can say!

Don’t be afraid to have some fun on the show floor – add a game – you see golf standard games out there to win the putter – add in something extra, harder shots through your booth – I always thought a moving hole would be great, but have not been able to figure out how to make it happen maybe a robotics show could help with that – something fun…get the medical robot chasing people for an autograph or add voice!  Have a photo-op with a variety of cardboard cutouts or a model if the budget allows – something…add some fun – there is only so much “official business” people can take, and this is the time for some light-hearted ideas!

Yeah…the image…let me know how that gypsy booth soccer game goes – 🙂


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