Changing horses…Wait…why?

Friesian Beauties – (Owner-Kimberly Wright)

There is a commonality that has taken place with organizations and industries and staffing. There seems to be a constant change of staff from the top to the bottom. The whole thing is interesting in that most of the time the staff that they change out usually work for competitors or are industry technologists that have worked for a number of companies that know the industry.  This makes for not only interesting talk on any show floor and a flood of new show shirts; but also gives the indication that if it has not happened to you, you are one of the few, and almost a question of,  why not?

Why are layoffs contagious, are they needed or just wanted? This is just a gypsy observation, in that often changing horses can make a difference on the way the wagon rides, but ultimately it is still the driver that should be in control.  Not that drivers are not changed out too, and that can add additional challenges to the riders in the back trying to keep the cart intact. What happens to the horses when they get bought or traded? Are they fed better and treated better in the other camp and so they are easier to work with and perform better or are they the exact same no matter where they go? So as ponies go, how many times have they been in the auction pen? Sometimes a new horse is needed if the load is heavier but often it is a new driver wants new horses for show. Sometimes those ponies look great but turn your back and they will bite, kick or demolish the cart!

The chosen few whether in work staff or horses, do they make a difference in marketing and branding for a company.  These days I would say yes, as we are such a media-centric society it really has become a popularity contest for companies as well, to say that so and so has been hired away from so and so company makes international news. Is it their accomplishments or their marketing?Well, from on gypsy to another, I am in the driver’s seat, horse, and cart rider only because I am a contract employee with my own small business (for now – you never know what the cards will have in store); but should I ever end up back in the auction pen the horse side or back in the cart; you can bet that I will have my mane done and hoofs manicured and will know all the other horses and drivers; or a major package of industrial strength Velcro to hold things down, I am always prepared!

FYI – the beautiful gypsy horses of choice would be my dear friend – Kimberly Wright’s  Friesian’s