Gypsy Connections…wait…Who?

Thank you for the Contact Info!

One of the most neglected gypsy value-adds in organizations are the tradeshowgypsy connections. More often than not, the gypsy that is managing the shows and working the sideline sales gig can have the most comprehensive network. They generally travel to all parts of the globe, interact in all market segments and work with all product lines that the company represents. POOF! A valuable network!

Gathering business cards or leads that no one else in the booth wants; you know when those pesky sales/marketing folks come around that are not buying; take their cards! They can have another huge network and can help you out if you are looking for a contact, even if it is in marketing and you can do the research with an internal contact instead of trial and error with email configurations. I can say pesky, as I am of that clan, the sales/marketing one!

Another reason to get all of those non-sales leads; because things do not stay the same forever people move around and get promoted and change positions, companies, and logo shirts! Should you need access to someone from that organization, there is a possibility that you can dial up/text/social-media your ole friend, ole buddy, ole pal; and they may be able to help you, as marketing/sales folks are generally are communicators! Now don’t get me wrong, there are limits as far as competitors etc., but in general the resources the gypsy has access to are excellent.

Do not neglect the vendors/suppliers/organizers for your show, they are like having a personal “Angie’s List” of resources to help you do your job globally. Great service from a vendor, you do not find everywhere and if you get your hands on a good contact, make sure you stay in touch! This resource can not only be a life-saver in times of crisis but a cost savings if you give out recommendations. I have saved money by sending a recommendation and she gave me 10% off my next big shipment because of the referral!

Gypsies, make sure you are either included in the organizational database or that you can set up a contact list for yourself. Having the contacts that you meet out on the road can make your work easier and better with lists of customers, analysts, press, competitors, and a host of other service providers; it is like having a clan lineage!  You have access to contacts that can provide co-marketing efforts; information on shows that they may have attended for
market research and show evaluation, sales contacts for your company, speakers for special events, and general contacts for your personal network.

Establishing this contact list through the social media venues is also a great backup for your database so that you can follow your contacts and not lose touch with them if they change companies.  Assuring you are in continual communication is important to keep your network current and active and social media makes it easy to stay in-touch.  However, take the time to do a spreadsheet or add them into a database, as the winds change and you take your wagon elsewhere or get a new one the next gypsy will have the list as well.

Speaking of Great Contacts!   Tradeshowgypsy Twitter followers are rocking! But am going to have to get them to subscribe too, I want the network list! 🙂