A side gig…wait…What?

Sing it Gypsies!

Conferences, trade shows, events, summits, workshops, webinars, virtual shows, etc. etc. etc!

B2B, B2C, Nonprofits, User Conferences, Internal Stakeholder Events, Suppliers Summits, and Your Wedding!

OK, gypsy? Have you had too much Pino Noir in the back of that wagon? What is the wedding doing in there?

No, I am not talking to myself, I know you are smart and can figure this one out. The common thread in this tapestry unites all gypsies; it is not a side gig .. M.a.r.k.e.t.i.n.g! Sing it loud gypsies!

Yes, beating the drum, rattling that tambourine and occasionally shaking that, errrr…giveaway jar! 🙂

You can put your soul into a new booth with fantastic graphics and bring in the latest in the whatzeehoozit product line, but if you do not market and get the word out that you will be at an event, you just spent a ton of the clan’s gold for a hit-or-miss return.

As for your Wedding, if you do not send out invitations in whatever form they are going out these days (TWEET), you and your SU (spousal unit) will enjoy a lovely evening of DJ 86 and pounds of shrimpets! Same goes for shows, send out invitations!

There is a responsibility that exhibitors/sponsors have to their respective organizations to get the word out that they will be exhibiting at an event. Add the little details of what or whom they can see when they come by your noted booth number. Get the word out to your sales teams they are on the phone, sending emails, face-to-face negotiating; give them the details so they can pass them on and have them add it to their signature line for a few weeks.

With the plethora of mediums available now, to get the word out quickly, it is best to do it “early and often” (yes, pun on Voting message by Al Capone!). Make sure you are aware of dates that would pertain to your possible invitees – expiration of FREE or Discounted registration, hotel deadlines, and should you be having a side event, the dates for that as well, especially if it is a “by invitation only” soiree.

The show organizers will work like mad to get the attendees in that you want to see, trust me I KNOW! Sending emails out to countless lists, print ads, digital banner boards to garner local attendees, teaming with a variety of organizations not to mention making calls until ear lobes are hanging to their knees. This is all fantastic and wonderful and does work, but there is nothing like sending out the message to your partners, clients, potential clients, and vendors/suppliers to really get the full benefit of an event that is tailored to your needs as an organization.

Mastering the art of marketing for events is not difficult it just takes a little “communication”. Extend that marketing reach at a show and establish your brand as an active player or leader in the industry.  Get involved with show organizers to help promote your event with Press Releases, White Papers, Success Stories, or through their Online Website (very reasonable costs generally for posting marketing materials, or for banner ads, and they usually last from 6 months to a year!)

When white papers or news sections are published on these sites, people to come to them. Whether through a web spider or through viral referral of a certain speaker, people find these sites. Ask for a banner on the news page or sponsorship page if you are sponsoring, tons of hits always, as the conversation goes like this, “did we see them at XYZ show last year? See if they are on the list, oh, look they have a banner ad, click…voila!” Long-term marketing garners an extended ROI for your show investment.

Don’t forget to add all of this up gypsies, it can come in handy during planning sessions, budgets (eeeeueww) not my favorite thing, and certainly those smart goal sessions for performance appraisals where you are trying to justify your %  of  $$ coming in to the company when your job is spending money!

YOU fantastic gypsy have saved your company $$$$$$$$$$$$$s, ok, maybe not that much, but certainly quite a few when you find ways to extend your show dollars and a much longer return on your investment with your online marketing.

An outstanding gypsy on alert (thank you Marty) sent me this great link to an interesting report on event marketing done in 2010! This definitely has inspired this tradeshowgypsy blog!

Yes Link is safe 🙂 Fascinating Event Marketing Stats from @HubSpot and
@ConstantContact. Download this awesome data for free: http://bit.ly/q90UfP


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