Gypsy Successes …wait… When?


There are times when a gypsy feels like the outcast of the staff – having to live out of a display crate and travel from show to show; it can sometimes be very disconnecting from the going’s on at the office and home as well. As frustrating as this can be at times, there is the glimmer of “life is good” when things go right and even more than right at times when you least expect it, and your company is recognized with an award, and you know that even at the simplest level you contributed.

Only gypsies know how much effort goes into putting the best possible presentation of an organization out front with the right display, message, people, and products/services.  When everything clicks and a show is buzzing with activity and especially in your booth, there is a sense of more than pride and satisfaction, it is that feeling of a “job well-done” and the behind the scenes details have all meshed together to weave the perfect design that says YES!

This week I was at a show and noticed that even with the few glitches that hit, the show was clicking and everyone felt it – not a huge event but a successful one and the energy that was generated was positive and if I could bottle it up and send it to every show I would!

This to me is an indicator of what is “really” going on out there in the business sectors – people not only are working but they want to work and be innovative.  They want all the politics internal/external to just go away to the far corners of the atmosphere and just turn to dust and let them get on with work.

My feeling is that all the hard work that people do really needs to be recognized! Even more so now that companies have decided to give staff the work of 2-4 people – granted the social pressures of keeping up in all technological fields and trying to get back into that leadership position is that catch-22 of being able to meet the stakeholders needs; ALL – Investors, Board of Directors, C-Level, Management, Staff, Suppliers, Partners, Customers etc. etc.; is almost impossible to navigate the huge chains of hierarchy that have established themselves into companies. Even the mid to small companies can face the same pressures just to keep in business.

With staff working so much, the visible difference I saw was a bit disturbing in that it has definitely taken a toll on employees as they are physically not faring well and mentally they are fried and innovation is being stifled, and bringing in the “new” kids on the block has not helped either as their work ethic is different and they are befuddled with the amount of work/results that are expected out of them almost immediately.

With all of this noted – show successes give me hope that given the level playing field companies are more apt to succeed with having staff meet and get peer recognition. Face to-face discussions sparked all kinds of ideas and a bit of rejuvenation by the end of the show.

My little trend study indicates the days of internal competition needs to fade – there are not enough people/business sectors to compete between each other. I was told once this internal competitive model was used to motivate internal staff. My feeling is that the staff left has neither the energy nor the inclination to be motivated in this manner any longer. Companies that have figured this out and have now teamed internally are succeeding and their staff appears much happier and healthier than those that are still pulling and tugging for the leads or business between internal teams. I would like to see this teaming model take hold and really get the ball rolling again!

Show successes for the gypsies whether hosting, sponsoring/exhibiting, or attending – in certainly directed for the good of ALL – that is how we are all working now, rather than can “I” get this sale and kudos to ME, it is, ” if I get this sale I keep engineers, marketing, finance, etc. etc., functioning thus I have a place to work as do they”!

Keep up the great work everyone, we will be even better in all ways if we just keep moving forward and know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED for your contributions that are now benefiting the entire team/industry with the achieved successes!


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  1. Elene
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 21:08:52

    No kidding! It’s time businesses understood that cooperation leads to more productivity than competition does.

    I’m very concerned that businesses keep trying to wring more and more work out of each employee. What is the point of destroying the very people you need to keep your company functioning? What is the company without the workers, anyway?


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